The first season of Servant was a masterfully executed curiosity unlike anything I have ever seen before. Hailing from divisive creator M. Night Shyamalan, the creepy horror drama was teeming with captivating mysteries, phenomenal acting performances, and gorgeously-photographed pretentious displays of food. Now three seasons deep, Servant continues to deliver the strange and unusual in spades. Buoyed by the fantastic four leads, Servant cuts deep and creates a tense atmosphere that constantly leaves the viewer on edge.

In the wake of season two’s conclusion, now with Jericho back, parents Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Sean (Toby Kebbell) are attempting to return to a true sense of normalcy. Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) has moved back into the brownstone, but she is suspicious of literally anyone and everyone. The constant threat of the cult looms over them like a dark cloud. Dorothy’s brother, Julian (Rupert Grint), has a new girlfriend, which acts as a constant source of tension between Julian and Leanne. Though he claims to have liked having sex with Leanne, Julian insists that Leanne should be sleeping with someone her own age—“someone with abs.”

From the second the Turners install a $6,000 security system to put Leanne at ease about outsiders infiltrating their home, it is clear nothing good can come of it. This being Servant, viewers will not have to wait long for the outlandish. The first episode features a body covered in bugs, and don’t expect them to fly their way out of the narrative that quickly. Curses, edible dandelions, and catastrophic live TV events abound. While critics were only given the first five episodes for review, it is the fourth that features the most horrific moment of the season thus far, involving a garbage disposal.

If one has already found themself in the company of the Turner family for this long, Servant gets even juicer in its third season. Dorothy is just as much of a weirdo as ever, channeling an unparalleled giddy, childlike energy. Sean makes an extreme effort to help the homeless by way of gourmet hand-outs. And Leanne? She is as difficult to read as ever, and her character seems to be the focal point of season three after sitting out the last one for a considerable chunk. A clear endgame remains as hazy as ever, and yet I still simply cannot get enough of Servant.

Servant season three comes to Apple TV+ on Friday, January 21st.

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