“For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake.”

—Alfred Hitchcock

Deep in the heart of pandemic times, Josh fostered his love for the marvelous magic of cinema by creating a humble blog to collect quick thoughts on film and television. Within a week of the blog’s creation, a longtime friendship with Allison would help to mold our website into what it has truly become: Josh At the Movies. After meeting for the first time through early onset American Idol obsession, a decades-long connection reemerged to assess, binge, contemplate, correlate, and generally chat all things cinematic.

Initially, we started this project as a way to honor films at a time when theaters everywhere were shuttered indefinitely, and now it has grown into a beauty beyond our wildest dreams. One of our favorite parts of this journey has been in discovering the wonder of independent cinema and film festivals. Expanding one’s scope beyond the generic mainstream and into a universe of endless possibilities was not something either of us had ever planned. Who would have thought that our exploration would eventually blossom into accreditation for multiple major film festivals, fostering relationships with distribution companies, interviewing talent virtually and on the red carpet, and being quoted in official advertising!

These are our scatter-brained thoughts about film, television, and the theatre, all collected in one convenient place. As Chief Film Critic, Josh deconstructs every reel, often looking for the positives as much as possible in everything he watches, from quick reviews to in-depth analysis. Josh is constantly quoting movies, and always exploring any avenues to foster an ever-expanding film knowledge, while Allison, as acting Editor and Creative Director, channels her organizational management prowess and design skills into every inch of our burgeoning content. Together, we curate posts we think will be the most appealing for our audience while sure to inject our personalities and opinions into every unique piece. Join us on this exciting adventure, and don’t forget to support your local theaters. We’ll see you at the movies!