TV Review: Manifest – Season 4, Part 1

After what seems a laboriously long wait between seasons, sci-fi mystery/drama series Manifest returns at long last for the first stretch of its final season! Miraculously revived by Netflix in the aftermath of being cancelled at NBC after three seasons, I have to say that it was certainly well worth the wait. We follow the … Continue reading TV Review: Manifest – Season 4, Part 1

Brooklyn Horror 2022: Influencer

★★★★ As unexpectedly appearing as they often do, I seem to have discovered a new horror/thriller that neatly slides into one of my favorite unsung subgenres: obsessive psycho bitch. Influencer, from Spiral director Kurtis David Harder and co-writer Tesh Gutti, feels like a modern day Single White Female told through a strikingly feminine lens. I … Continue reading Brooklyn Horror 2022: Influencer

Film Review: Piggy

★★★★ Bullying soars to dizzying heights in Spanish horror/thriller, Piggy. After debuting earlier in the year at Sundance, it was quickly swooped up by Magnolia Pictures for theatrical distribution—it is not hard to see why. Channeling the best elements of the coming-of-age genre, Piggy presents an unconventional revenge/slasher splatter flick with heart. The fact that … Continue reading Film Review: Piggy