Film Review: Teen Wolf: The Movie

★★★★ Back in 2011, MTV’s Teen Wolf came roaring into a very different kind of television landscape ready for a major shakeup. Heavily inspired by the format and style of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jeff Davis’s Teen Wolf become one of my favorite shows during the course of an impressive 100-episode run. Nearly six years … Continue reading Film Review: Teen Wolf: The Movie

TV Review: Servant – Season 4

As a general rule of thumb, I have pretty much learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to M. Night Shyamalan’s twisty-turny horror drama, Servant. Four seasons deep, and Servant is still flirting with the kind of mysterious, alluring qualities that many showrunners would balk at. The sheer audacity of its atmospheric tension is … Continue reading TV Review: Servant – Season 4

TV Review: Emily in Paris – Season 3

After a lengthy hiatus typical of the Netflix model, Emily in Paris is back for a vibrant, super fun third season! Honestly, I felt a bit of a sophomore slump with their previous effort. 2020’s debut season however was one of my favorite comfort-watching experiences. I am so thrilled to report that this time around, … Continue reading TV Review: Emily in Paris – Season 3

TV Review: Wednesday

After a laborious wait and questionable release date timing post-Halloween, Tim Burton’s vision of Wednesday has finally arrived in all its creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky glory. Has there been more note-perfect recent casting than Jenna Ortega (Babysitter: Killer Queen, Scream, X) as Wednesday Addams? Previously played in live action by Lisa Loring in 1964’s … Continue reading TV Review: Wednesday

TV Review: Manifest – Season 4, Part 1

After what seems a laboriously long wait between seasons, sci-fi mystery/drama series Manifest returns at long last for the first stretch of its final season! Miraculously revived by Netflix in the aftermath of being cancelled at NBC after three seasons, I have to say that it was certainly well worth the wait. We follow the … Continue reading TV Review: Manifest – Season 4, Part 1

TV Review: Big Mouth – Season 6

America’s favorite extra-raunchy animated series is back with a vengeance in season six of Big Mouth! I, for one, consider this to be Netflix’s second-best animated outing, after the masterful Bojack Horseman. Unlike that show, Big Mouth does not give an iota of care to its big dramatic scenes; this series has always leaned heavily … Continue reading TV Review: Big Mouth – Season 6

TV Review: I Love You, You Hate Me 

Were you even a child of the 90s without an unhealthy obsession of big purple lovable dinosaur, Barney? Personally, I remember being infatuated, owning everything from Barney underwear to Barney tents, and of course Barney & Friends stuffed animals. Even now, just thinking of the show puts a nostalgic smile on my face. Peacock’s new … Continue reading TV Review: I Love You, You Hate Me