Film Review: Day Shift

★★★★ Horror comedy, when executed correctly, is one of my favorite windows through which to experience genre filmmaking. Day Shift discovers a perfect tonal mix between campy comedy fun, vampy horror violence, and thrilling action, emerging as one of my favorite Netflix productions of the year. Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained, Baby Driver) fills the lead … Continue reading Film Review: Day Shift

Fantasia 2022: Bodies Bodies Bodies

★★★★★ Here’s a fun equation: A24 + modern horror whodunnit + meta dark humor = ? The answer is a frolicking mini-masterpiece entitled Bodies Bodies Bodies, after the titular sinister game our players participate in. Written by Sarah DeLappe and directed by Halina Reijn, the film has a fiercely feminine touch that redefines the tired … Continue reading Fantasia 2022: Bodies Bodies Bodies

TV Review: Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

All the way back in 2010, ABC Family (now Freeform) had a hit on their hands. Based on the bestselling book series by Sara Shepard and show-run by I. Marlene King, the original Pretty Little Liars was a mixed bag of minor horror inspiration, pulpy soap-opera dramatics, and a never-ending array of mysteries to be … Continue reading TV Review: Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Fantasia 2022: Resurrection

★★ Rebecca Hall’s previous film release, The Night House, earned mass critical acclaim even though it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Her first project as writer/director, cloying drama Passing, also released last year, and now, Hall brings her talents to 2022’s Resurrection. In a strange way, Resurrection would make for a perfect double-billing with … Continue reading Fantasia 2022: Resurrection