Film Review: Hayseed

★★★★ In the spirit of Knives Out and other modern whodunnits, indie flick Hayseed depicts an engaging treat that challenges viewers to actually pay attention. Writer/director/producer Travis Burgess embraces his obvious inspirations with a loving touch of admiration that permeates the film. The phrase “passion project” is maybe a tad bit overused, yet that perfectly … Continue reading Film Review: Hayseed

Film Review: The Marsh King’s Daughter

★★★★ (Written by Intern, Kali Coogan) Need to heal some deep childhood trauma? A rifle and the wilderness is surely the key to a solution in tense thriller The Marsh King's Daughter. Based on Karen Dionne's bestselling novel, the story delves into an intricate web of family dynamics, redemption, and a haunting specter of a … Continue reading Film Review: The Marsh King’s Daughter

Tribeca 2023: Maggie Moore(s)

★★★★ With a cast that includes Tina Fey and Jon Hamm, hopes were high for interesting title Maggie Moore(s) to hit the mark. Mad Men’s John Slattery takes on directing duties in a script from Paul Bernbaum (Halloweentown, Rent-a-Kid)—neither are strangers to crafting quirky characters or balancing darker tones. Sometimes a cozy darkly comedic crime-drama … Continue reading Tribeca 2023: Maggie Moore(s)

Tribeca 2023: He Went That Way

★★★ Anchored by a captivating, intense performance from Jacob Elordi, He Went That Way is a strange crime comedy based “mostly” on the true story of a traveling chimpanzee. Director Jeff Darling passed away shortly after filming wrapped, making the movie an understandably somber affair for all involved. That said, Darling would definitely be proud … Continue reading Tribeca 2023: He Went That Way