Film Review: Detention

★★★ Detention is a politically-charged Taiwanese horror film, tinged with stylistic flourishes and a freakish lead monster. Depicting 1962 Taiwan during the White Terror period, any citizens who were even the slightest bit left-thinking or anti-establishment were at the mercy of a vengeful government. Reading banned books could result in the ultimate punishment: death! Campy … Continue reading Film Review: Detention

Fantastic Fest 2021: Homebound

★★★ As our first film watched from 2021’s Fantastic Fest selections, Homebound is a delightfully strange, masterfully-scored slice of thriller heaven. A simplistic setup is yet another shining example that pared-down, intimate, character-driven horror can reap the tastiest results. Holly (Aisling Loftus) and Richard (Tom Goodman-Hill) are headed to the idyllic mansion of Richard’s ex-wife, … Continue reading Fantastic Fest 2021: Homebound

Film Review: Things Heard and Seen

★★ A new horror mystery coming to Netflix is always cause for minor celebration. They have produced some really solid genre flicks, including both phenomenal Babysitter films and The Ritual. I’m sad to report that Things Heard and Seen falls more into the category of misfires. An extremely talented cast, including Amanda Seyfried, James Norton, … Continue reading Film Review: Things Heard and Seen