Film Review: Drifting Home

★★★★ Leave it to Netflix to quietly put out a beautiful, Studio Ghibli-esque production in the form of Hitoyasu Ishida’s masterful Drifting Home. A searing, extraordinary examination on the power of friendship and the meaning of life, this animated gem is slowly-paced but gorgeously made. I was pulled in by the hand-drawn animation, and the … Continue reading Film Review: Drifting Home

TV Review: Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

All the way back in 2010, ABC Family (now Freeform) had a hit on their hands. Based on the bestselling book series by Sara Shepard and show-run by I. Marlene King, the original Pretty Little Liars was a mixed bag of minor horror inspiration, pulpy soap-opera dramatics, and a never-ending array of mysteries to be … Continue reading TV Review: Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin