Film Review: My Best Friend’s Exorcism

★★★★ Just when I thought I had seen every type of generic exorcism movie that existed, 80s-set horror comedy My Best Friend’s Exorcism proves me wrong, and then some. Starring a top-tier roster of rising young talent (including Elsie Fisher, Amiah Miller, Cathy And, and Rachel Ogechi Kanu), rarely does a film’s mixture of horror … Continue reading Film Review: My Best Friend’s Exorcism

Film Review: The Munsters

★★★★ Rob Zombie’s long-anticipated love letter to the classic 60s series The Munsters has finally arrived in all its slapstick glory! I am happy to report that devotees of old-school humor and Zombie’s filmmaking in general will have a blast with this colorful ode to the horror/comedy shows of yesteryear. Clearly, Zombie is a huge … Continue reading Film Review: The Munsters

TV Review: Chucky – Season 2

The first season of Don Mancini’s magnum opus, aptly titled Chucky, stands tall as one of the best transitions from film to television that I have ever seen. Seamlessly, the show combined old with new, staying true to decades of established mythology throughout the seven mainline Chucky movies. What eventually unfolded weaved in legacy characters … Continue reading TV Review: Chucky – Season 2

TIFF 2022: Will-o’-the-Wisp

★★★★ As unique and singular as it is explosively sexual yet weirdly heartwarming and playful, co-writer/director João Pedro Rodrigues’s Will-o’-the-Wisp is truly a delight. Having no familiarity with the works of Portuguese filmmaker Rodrigues, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Would this be one of those films that only mildly explores its queer content, … Continue reading TIFF 2022: Will-o’-the-Wisp