TIFF 2021: Dug Dug

★★★ Judging by the TIFF description, which promised a “striking and musically infectious satire,” as well as my expectation for extravagant Bollywood musicals, I certainly had an inkling what Dug Dug would deliver well before starting the film. The reality is that Dug Dug is void of characterization and narrative, focusing its multi-colored laser-pointer instead … Continue reading TIFF 2021: Dug Dug

Interview: Actress Francesca Reale

Actress Francesca Reale joined Allison last week for a delightful chat about her career, dating history, the brilliance of Jaboukie, and her hilarious new rom-com Dating & New York. Narrated by doorman Cole, the film hits theaters Friday, September 10th, from IFC Films. It plunges us into the waters of the modern dating world via … Continue reading Interview: Actress Francesca Reale