Film Review: Death of a Telemarketer

★★★ No offense to anyone in the seedy profession of telemarketing, but there is no secret here that they are among the most despised individuals. Racking up one's phone with senseless calls about imaginary car warranties, special opportunities, and exclusive offers, telemarketers are the scourge of any cell phone owner. Death of a Telemarketer posits … Continue reading Film Review: Death of a Telemarketer

Film Review: Black Friday

★★★★ Gnarly alien violence meets fast-paced zombie action in the new horror/comedy Black Friday, from producer Bruce Campbell. During an opening scene in which crazy customers bang on the window as if they are zombies, the obvious (but hilarious) commentary on capitalism is already present. Wearing Alien inspirations on its sleeve, a pulsating purple sack … Continue reading Film Review: Black Friday

Film Review: Clifford the Big Red Dog

★★★ Covering Toronto International Film Festival, I was shocked earlier this year to see Clifford the Big Red Dog among the lineup. Before being unceremoniously pulled from release (then subsequently rescheduled to November 10th), I was looking forward to Clifford thanks in large part to a bonkers first trailer. Based on the Scholastic Book Series … Continue reading Film Review: Clifford the Big Red Dog

Film Review: The Estate

★★★★ If Ryan Murphy made a psycho-sexual thriller, it would look something like James Kapner’s cutting and hilarious The Estate. Billed as a “true fable,” this campy, outrageous, and decidedly not-PC film touches on all the taboos. It gives Cruel Intentions vibes, only less weighty and more ridiculous. Social and cultural commentary in relation to … Continue reading Film Review: The Estate

Grimmfest 2021: The Pizzagate Massacre

★★★ (Written by Allison Brown) After a recent screening of Shudder’s The Scary of Sixty-First, I was keen to find a conspiracy theory satire closer to its subject matter, and less exploitative of the sensitive content it addresses. I find conspiracy theories entertaining, while being fully aware of their complete lack of fact. Enter: The Pizzagate Massacre. … Continue reading Grimmfest 2021: The Pizzagate Massacre