Film Review: Scream VI

★★★★★ Proving yet again that it remains the most consistent horror franchise ever made, Radio Silence delivers another instant horror-classic to sit alongside Wes Craven’s masterpieces with the intense, horrifying, ridiculously fun Scream VI! With the beautiful love letter to the original having been firmly established in the previous movie, part VI forges ahead to … Continue reading Film Review: Scream VI

Film Review: Unwelcome

★★★★ Throwback monster movies are something of a mixed bag. When successful, they can be a total blast—thankfully, this is the case with co-writer/director Jon Wright's latest feature Unwelcome, a goblin-addled take on Irish folk horror. Wright, whose previous projects include supernatural slasher The Tormented and alien-monster feature Grabbers, easily finds a careful balance of … Continue reading Film Review: Unwelcome