Tribeca 2021: Mark, Mary & Some Other People

★★★★ Mark, Mary & Some Other People is a delightful comedy with sharp, nudity-free sexual politics and two captivating leading performances from Ben Rosenfield and Hayley Law as Mark and Mary, respectively. The closest comparison I can provide from this charmer are 2010’s Justin Long / Drew Barrymore dramedy Going the Distance and 2009’s (500) … Continue reading Tribeca 2021: Mark, Mary & Some Other People

Calgary Underground 2021: Fully Realized Humans

★★★★ A charming little rom-com that strays from the norm is almost always must-see material, and Fully Realized Humans fits the bill perfectly. As a horror fan, it’s hard to miss the genre vets: Joshua Leonard, who stars in addition to directing, writing, producing, and editing, hails from 1999’s The Blair Witch Project, while his … Continue reading Calgary Underground 2021: Fully Realized Humans

SIFF 2021: Summer of 85

★★★★★ Passionate, emotional, and heartbreaking, Summer of 85 is one of the best gay romance dramas I’ve seen since Call Me By Your Name. Based on Aidan Chambers’ British novel, Dance on My Grave, director and screenwriter François Ozon imprints personal touches and authenticity in adapting the material. This raw snapshot of young love and … Continue reading SIFF 2021: Summer of 85

Film Review: Monday

★★★★ Monday isn’t some phony romantic crowd-pleaser that’ll have everyone making heart eyes the second it releases. The drama from writer/director Argyis Papadimitropoulos weaves together two stunning performances into a kaleidoscope of self-destructive behavior, love, and passion. Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Greece, Monday is an honest snapshot of navigating relationships. Examining the messiness of the central … Continue reading Film Review: Monday