Woodstock 2023: Parachute

★★★★ Brittany Snow’s feature directorial debut finally arrives at the Woodstock Film Festival, in the form of captivating drama, Parachute. For anyone who has ever suffered from body image issues or the horrors of eating disorders, Parachute may be particularly triggering. Its lead character frustrates almost as frequently as she garners empathy. Parachute is so … Continue reading Woodstock 2023: Parachute

TIFF 2023: Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person

★★★★ In the most uniquely-titled movie of the entire festival, Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person delivers a modern coming-of-age vampiric dramedy with a subtle and elegant flair. This unique film marks the directorial debut of Ariane Louis-Seize, who co-wrote the screenplay with Christine Doyon. Together, the duo craft a genre-blending feature spilling over with … Continue reading TIFF 2023: Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person

Film Review: Red, White & Royal Blue

★★★★★ The cutest movie of the year has officially arrived! Highly anticipated gay rom-com Red, White & Royal Blue, based upon the bestselling book from Casey McQuiston, happens to also mark the filmmaking debut of Broadway’s The Inheritance wunderkind Matthew Lopez. Two undeniably attractive leads in Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar Perez supercharge the duo’s … Continue reading Film Review: Red, White & Royal Blue

Fantasia 2023: Killing Romance

★★★★ What do you get when you take the quirkiness of Wes Anderson and blend it with Korean slapstick humor and a dash of love triangle? The answer comes courtesy of director Lee Won-suk and writer Park Jeong-ye collaboration, Killing Romance! Bursting with originality and fart jokes, this unconventional comedy lets loose a chaotic ostrich … Continue reading Fantasia 2023: Killing Romance