Sundance 2022: Framing Agnes

★★★ Framing Agnes is all about the reclamation of a divisive figure in transgender history: Agnes, who took part in Harold Garfinkel’s UCLA gender studies program in the 1960s. In a rather unconventional style, this film (which only clocks in at just over an hour) intersperses vintage reenactments of never-before-seen Garfinkel transcripts amongst present-day interviews … Continue reading Sundance 2022: Framing Agnes

Sundance 2022: We Need to Talk About Cosby

Can we separate the art from the artist? In our modern times, no other question seems quite as prescient, especially in regards to legendary “America’s dad,” Bill Cosby himself. An icon to many families that helped bring black culture to the forefront in popular media, Cosby left an indelible imprint on the television landscape—but how … Continue reading Sundance 2022: We Need to Talk About Cosby

TV Review: Servant – Season 3

The first season of Servant was a masterfully executed curiosity unlike anything I have ever seen before. Hailing from divisive creator M. Night Shyamalan, the creepy horror drama was teeming with captivating mysteries, phenomenal acting performances, and gorgeously-photographed pretentious displays of food. Now three seasons deep, Servant continues to deliver the strange and unusual in … Continue reading TV Review: Servant – Season 3