Fantastic Fest 2022: The Offering

★★★ The Offering promises an alternative brand of horror drenched in Jewish folklore and demonology, and thankfully, that’s exactly what it delivers. Forget about the occasionally stilted acting and the sometimes-iffy CGI—let yourself get wrapped up in the eerie, mysterious vibes. Movies like The Vigil and The Possession would be proud to count The Offering … Continue reading Fantastic Fest 2022: The Offering

Film Review: Devil’s Workshop

★★★★ Every now and then, a horror feature comes along that is nearly unclassifiable within subgenres. Devil’s Workshop is something of a cult movie, but also a gripping tale of psychological terror. Set in the world of filmmaking and endless acting auditions, writer/director Chris von Hoffmann (Monster Party, Phobias) goes full meta by embracing a … Continue reading Film Review: Devil’s Workshop

TV Review: Queer For Fear: The History of Queer Horror

Having seen only the first two episodes of Shudder’s excellent queer horror doc, aptly titled Queer for Fear: The History of Queer Horror, I can safely say that I am obsessed with the direction and interviews from gay creative (and absolute legend) Bryan Fuller. We dive all the way back to the literary origins, laser-focused … Continue reading TV Review: Queer For Fear: The History of Queer Horror

Film Review: The Munsters

★★★★ Rob Zombie’s long-anticipated love letter to the classic 60s series The Munsters has finally arrived in all its slapstick glory! I am happy to report that devotees of old-school humor and Zombie’s filmmaking in general will have a blast with this colorful ode to the horror/comedy shows of yesteryear. Clearly, Zombie is a huge … Continue reading Film Review: The Munsters

Film Review: Spirit Halloween: The Movie

★ When Spirit Halloween: The Movie was first announced, I was practically rejoicing. A horror film based around one of the most iconic Halloween stores of all time, headlined by Christopher Lloyd, and coming our way just in time for spooky season—what could possibly go wrong? Well, I can only answer this by saying some … Continue reading Film Review: Spirit Halloween: The Movie

TV Review: Chucky – Season 2

The first season of Don Mancini’s magnum opus, aptly titled Chucky, stands tall as one of the best transitions from film to television that I have ever seen. Seamlessly, the show combined old with new, staying true to decades of established mythology throughout the seven mainline Chucky movies. What eventually unfolded weaved in legacy characters … Continue reading TV Review: Chucky – Season 2