Film Review: Siberia

★ Willem Dafoe has a storied history of making what you would classify as ‘unconventional’ movies. His filmography, which includes mainstream selections like Spider-Man, is also host to the stunning-but-strange The Lighthouse (a personal favorite) and the violent, brazenly bizarre Antichrist. Siberia, the new highly symbolic dream-exploration drama, is—bar none—the most frustrating and baffling film … Continue reading Film Review: Siberia

Tribeca 2021: No Man of God

★★★ Serial killers are all the rage these days. Similar to Netflix’s dark drama series Mindhunter, director Amber Sealy and writer Kit Lesser (Sinister) present No Man of God, which examines charismatic murderer Ted Bundy (Luke Kirby in an uncanny portrayal) through interviews and analysis amongst the creation of FBI profiling. The true crime film … Continue reading Tribeca 2021: No Man of God

Tribeca 2021: Catch the Fair One

★★★★ (Written by Allison Brown) Catch the Fair One caught me off guard as one of the stronger Tribeca contenders I’ve seen yet! With its dark, gritty and gloomy turns, it is impossible to not be engaged in Kaylee’s struggle to find her missing sister, Weeta (Mainaku Borrero). The film invokes notes of Taken, with a female edge; … Continue reading Tribeca 2021: Catch the Fair One

Interview: Poser Directors & Actress Bobbi Kitten

This week, we got together with some of the creatives behind the excellent new Tribeca music thriller, Poser. It is a searing character study about timid Lennon (newcomer Sylvie Mix), as she starts up a podcast to “investigate and research” underground musicians. Lennon’s journey and exploration for her recordings transforms into an obsession. Lennon begins … Continue reading Interview: Poser Directors & Actress Bobbi Kitten

Interview: 7 Days Cast & Creatives

Earlier today, Allison and I participated in a special Virtual Press Conference for romantic-dramedy 7 Days, ahead of its premiere at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival. When a wonky pre-arranged date from their traditional Indian parents is forced into an extended stay thanks to the sudden emergence of the pandemic and ‘shelter in place’ orders, … Continue reading Interview: 7 Days Cast & Creatives