Fantasia International Film Festival 2022 Wrap-Up

Another year, another fascinating selection of films from Fantasia International Film Festival! For 2022's edition of the fest, animation and horror reign supreme with a variety of intriguing titles. After the jump, check out our full coverage! Films BODIES BODIES BODIES Full review at the link. THE BREACH Based on the Audible original book by … Continue reading Fantasia International Film Festival 2022 Wrap-Up

Fantasia 2022: Bodies Bodies Bodies

★★★★★ Here’s a fun equation: A24 + modern horror whodunnit + meta dark humor = ? The answer is a frolicking mini-masterpiece entitled Bodies Bodies Bodies, after the titular sinister game our players participate in. Written by Sarah DeLappe and directed by Halina Reijn, the film has a fiercely feminine touch that redefines the tired … Continue reading Fantasia 2022: Bodies Bodies Bodies

Fantasia 2022: Sharp Stick

★★★★ For those familiar with Lena Dunham’s body of work, the controversial actress has established herself as excelling at awkward, sexually-explicit material tinged with dark comedy and coming-of-age vibes. Sharp Stick follows suit, placing Kristine Frøseth front and center in an absolutely transformative, unique performance. Far from the New York City-centric snark of HBO’s Girls, … Continue reading Fantasia 2022: Sharp Stick

Fantasia 2022: My Grandfather’s Demons

★★★★ My Grandfather’s Demons is perhaps the most gorgeously animated movie of this year’s Fantasia Film Festival. This stop-motion import from Portugal has more heart and originality than I had been anticipating, driven home by the stunning imagery and excellent writing at the heart of the film. Blending rich folklore with the ties of familial … Continue reading Fantasia 2022: My Grandfather’s Demons

Fantasia 2022: Princess Dragon

★★★★ Written and directed by Jean-Jacques Denis and Anthony Roux, Princess Dragon is a magical French animated fantasy that shines in its loving attention to detail, and Ghibli-esque heart. Like the best kinds of fairy tale movies, Princess Dragon begins with an age-old “once upon a time” before charting its story of friendship and celebrating … Continue reading Fantasia 2022: Princess Dragon