AIF 2022: Unicorn Wars

★★★★ For some reason, Unicorn Wars has evaded me several times, despite screening at various different festivals that I was covering. Finally, I was able to check out this animated gem for the Animation is Film Festival! Effortlessly epitomizing everything I loved about gleefully demented cartoon Happy Tree Friends, this Spanish feature crams in more … Continue reading AIF 2022: Unicorn Wars

Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2022 Wrap-Up

October really snuck up on us this year! With the approach of Halloween comes the 7th annual Brooklyn Horror Film Festival—a collection of exciting genre flicks in intimate popcorn-ready settings. A wide variety of horror treats await viewers, giving just a taste of what to expect when these films release to the masses. Strap in … Continue reading Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2022 Wrap-Up

NewFest 2022: Wendell & Wild

★★★★ As a lifelong fan of director Henry Selick’s work, I was excited for his newest creation, Wendell & Wild, from the second it was announced. Selick’s career has had a stunning trajectory, from beloved cult classics (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline) to unsung gems (Monkeybone, James and the Giant Peach). One visionary creator collaborates … Continue reading NewFest 2022: Wendell & Wild

Brooklyn Horror 2022: Influencer

★★★★ As unexpectedly appearing as they often do, I seem to have discovered a new horror/thriller that neatly slides into one of my favorite unsung subgenres: obsessive psycho bitch. Influencer, from Spiral director Kurtis David Harder and co-writer Tesh Gutti, feels like a modern day Single White Female told through a strikingly feminine lens. I … Continue reading Brooklyn Horror 2022: Influencer

NewFest 2022: Please Baby Please

★★★ I cannot stress enough how much I was really not a fan of director Amanda Kramer’s last film, Give Me Pity!, and its oddball mock-style television format. Color me surprised then that Kramer’s second movie, the fantastically bizarre Please Baby Please, is such an intriguing treat. With lead performances from Andrea Riseborough (2020’s The … Continue reading NewFest 2022: Please Baby Please