Rating: 4 out of 5.

Why is it so hard to make a good alien flick? The few genuinely successful ones can probably be counted on one hand, so the uphill battle that future titles in this subgenre face is steep indeed. Almost entirely dialogue-free, sci-fi horror No One Will Save You brings a seriously twisted interpretation of alien lore right into the center of its intergalactic beam of light. Led by a wonderful Kaitlyn Dever, No One Will Save You channels relentless survival horror energy into an impressive amalgamation of the classic gray aliens.

Brynn (Dever) spends her days visiting her mother’s grave, tending to her Beetlejuice-esque miniature-village, sewing clothes, and being on the receiving end of absolutely disgusted looks from folks while she goes about town. Why does everyone hate her so much? We only become privy to the specifics of incidents from Brynn’s past, as well as the true nature of her surroundings, as the film progresses. During night of the same day we meet Brynn, a crackling sound alerts her to a dark figure prowling around her home. As Brynn prepares to face off against these strange creatures, she is forced to examine her reactionary tactics, and furthermore, her extremely complicated familial ties.

If the name was not enough indication, No One Will Save You makes it clear early on that Brynn cannot rely on anyone other than herself. In one scene, a woman appallingly spits right in Brynn’s face, completely repulsed even by the sight of her. Rare is the movie that shows instead of tells—due to the major lack of dialogue, No One Will Save You relies on the actual narrative to do the heavy lifting instead. Every minute of this gorgeously-filmed movie is a feast for the senses. Even the CGI, used sparingly and effectively, serves a vital purpose.

Familiar iconography of pop culture creatures from another galaxy assaults the viewer around every bend, before writer/director Brian Duffield wildly subverts expectations. Duffield, no stranger to blending genre sensibilities off the back of his excellent comedy/horror/romance Spontaneous, does just that with No One Will Save You. Whereas last year’s Nope took major swings in its depiction of extraterrestrials, No One Will Save You slides nicely into old-school alien territory. An injection of danger and menace turn these spacemen from funny to downright terrifying. I wish I could say more, but ruining any of the film’s biggest surprises could be a crime worthy of severe punishment. Put away those anal probes: No One Will Save You wants more than just to meet your leader.

When the aliens come, No One Will Save You! Don’t miss this unforgettable thriller, streaming exclusively to Hulu on Friday, September 22nd.

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