TV Review: Gen V – Season 1

Welcome freshman class to year one at Godolkin University, where the best and brightest superheroes have trained since 1965! In this spin-off of Prime Video’s chaotic gem The Boys, the catty, often sociopathic world of teenagers mixes its dose of potency with the same dark humor and ultra-gory mayhem we have come to love from … Continue reading TV Review: Gen V – Season 1

Fantastic Fest 2023: The Animal Kingdom

★★★★★ A grounded, frequently disturbing sci-fi/fantasy drama, The Animal Kingdom tears into chilling body horror elements and complex commentary about embracing the animal inside. Set in the near future, a “disease” characterized by physical, animalistic transformations has spread across the world. Those infected face intense outward discrimination, not to mention asylum experimentation. Embracing the obvious … Continue reading Fantastic Fest 2023: The Animal Kingdom

Film Review: Landscape with Invisible Hand

★★★ As of late, many films focused on or around aliens and the extraterrestrial seem to fail or underuse these otherworldly creatures. Most recently, Asteroid City had a hilarious alien orbiting around its oddball characters, yet was featured for under five minutes total. Landscape with Invisible Hand does not make this mistake, involving the creatures … Continue reading Film Review: Landscape with Invisible Hand

Fantasia 2023: Aporia

★★★★ This year, Judy Greer is truly having a moment. The legendary actress, who has starred in everything from Darren Stein’s quirky Jawbreaker to last year’s vastly underrated Reboot, wowed recently with her heartbreaking performance in Tribeca’s Eric LaRue. Now, Greer headlines sci-fi drama Aporia, from writer/director Jared Moshe. A script rich with moral quandaries … Continue reading Fantasia 2023: Aporia

Fantasia 2023: The Primevals

★★★★ Emerging out of its seemingly permanent slumber, Full Moon’s magnum opus (watch out, Puppet Master!) finally arrives nearly three decades after its initial production timeline. Taking some obvious inspiration from projects including Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and The Land of the Lost, The Primevals captures a similar lightning-in-a-bottle energy. Initially filmed in 1994, the … Continue reading Fantasia 2023: The Primevals

Film Review: They Cloned Tyrone

★★★ Weird, cerebral sci-fi-tinged movies are a dime a dozen. When they actually work (see: Get Out, The Stepford Wives, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), they can become instant-classics that carve themselves permanently into the pop culture mythos. They Cloned Tyrone has high aspirations, written and directed by Juel Taylor (Creed II, Space Jam: … Continue reading Film Review: They Cloned Tyrone

Tribeca 2023: Elemental

★★★★ Any new Pixar film is cause for celebration. While many modern animation studios have tried to keep up with the consistently excellent quality of the Disney/Pixar collaborative brand, few have resulted in their staggering frequency of masterpieces. Coming on the heels of Turning Red and Lightyear, Elemental reminded me most of Inside Out—definitely a … Continue reading Tribeca 2023: Elemental

TV Review: Manifest – Season 4, Part 2

After four suspenseful, well-written seasons, Manifest season 4 part 2 drops with an emotional final batch of episodes that present a fond farewell to these characters. A show that originally was hatched back on NBC before making a Netflix detour, Manifest remains one of the few to ever be saved from the axe—thank whatever divine … Continue reading TV Review: Manifest – Season 4, Part 2