With the approach of 2022’s edition of the Tribeca Film Festival, a lineup to die for has arrived, but how exactly does one prioritize what to watch with such a wide array of options? Fret no further, as we are here to put five great films on your radar! After the jump, find out how you can watch these exciting options!


Saturday, June 11

Drama, Thriller

Femi Jackson (Brandon Victor Dixon) is the Financial Director for One USA, a super PAC (political action committee) devoted to the campaign of democratic presidential hopeful, Harold Roundtree (Orlando Jones). Femi decides to do a deep dive into the donation log and discovers something very odd. Hundreds of donations each month from nonprofits Independence.nyc and Future Moving Frontiers are permutations where the sum of its digits strangely add up to 88. Conspiracy theorists and campy comedy enthusiasts are sure to flock to this oddity.


Saturday, June 11

Comedy, Drama

In the mood for a bubblegum and neon-tinted nostalgic movie with a narrative along the lines of Never Rarely Sometimes AlwaysCherry will be your jam! Pregnant and wandering aimlessly on roller skates through the array of randomness in her life, Cherry (Alex Trewhitt) is lost and consistently frazzled. Cherry is soon given three options: carry her baby to term, abortion by pill, and abortion surgery. The pill, which costs a whopping $500, can only be legally taken up until week 11, while the surgical procedure, which is much more costly and invasive, can be performed until week 24. It is Saturday, and Cherry only has until Monday to make her final choice before it may be too late!


Friday, June 10

Horror, Drama, Mystery

Sprinkled with coming-of-age elements and a major focus on body shaming, writer/director Peter Hengl delivers a very different brand of German genre delight. Longing for a connection to her Aunt Claudia (Pia Hierzegger) after the death of her Uncle Max, Simi (Nina Katlein) arrives to a house still undergoing renovations but with seemingly open arms. Overweight Simi secretly hopes to gain the wisdom and confidence during this Easter-vacation trip to help her shed some pounds. However, Aunt Claudia and her twisted family may be more than they appear…


Saturday, June 11

Comedy, Drama, Animation, Musical

Seven years in the making, Signe Baumane’s sophomore effort, My Love Affair with Marriage, is a girl-power masterpiece that musically captures the wildness of coming-of-age femininity and the tumultuous nature of adult relationships. Utlizing classic 2D animation, the film takes us on the life journey of Zelma (Dagmara Dominczyk) from top to bottom, from birth to her warped Biology (Michele Pawk) to her roller-coaster relationship with the construct of love itself. Enthusiasts of animation as a storytelling medium (and sex education instructors the world over!) will have a brand-new addition to their curriculum.


Friday, June 10

Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

Looking for an existential dark dramedy about the meaning of life? Look no further than writer/director Mali Elfman’s new film, Next Exit. Starring Katie Parker (Oculus, Doctor Sleep) and Rahul Kohli (CW’s iZombie, Midnight Mass) in the lead roles, we follow two outsider characters forced to unexpectedly team up on a road trip to peacefully die. In the world of Next Exit, ghosts are real, and people all seem to be looking for fresh, exciting ways to kill themselves so they can cross over to the ghostly plane.

Don’t let these gripping titles slip by at 2022’s Tribeca Film Festival! To buy tickets for the screenings at Tribeca, please head over to each film’s page. For full information on the festival and even more titles, head over to the website to read more!

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