Rating: 4 out of 5.

From TLA Releasing, curators of such bonafide gay classics as Latter Days and Another Gay Movie comes your new favorite romance! Here Comes Your Man is an intimate and extensive examination of one surprising gay relationship from top to bottom (no pun intended). Hailing from writer/director Omar Salas Zamora, the sexually-charged drama follows Aaron (Jason Alan Clark), an HIV-positive photography buff and horror movie fan, and his Grindr hookup, Jordan (Calvin Picou), a guitar player and music composer who is deep in the closet. The whole thing is sparked from a tasteful dick pic and quickly turns into something more…

The opening credits montage of Aaron getting ready for his ‘date’—trying on different clothes, showering, and dancing—is very cute. Though he has done this countless times before, something about the energy this time around feels different. When Jordan arrives, Aaron makes margaritas, and they toast to Jordan’s favorite 80s horror film, Halloween II. Jordan takes a suspiciously long time to finish his margarita because he wants to get to know Aaron first. It turns out Jordan is a virgin, and this is his first time. Aaron is surprised when Jordan specifically requests bottoming considering it was Jordan who sent the dick pic—“should I have sent you a picture of my asshole?”

The first time is a bit awkward, but then they try again, and Aaron comes up with a hypothesis: “I’m thinking you’re not a bottom.” They exchange phone numbers, but when Aaron texts Jordan, he is promptly blocked as Jordan returns home to his girlfriend. This could have easily been the end to their relationship, but fate has other plans. Jordan must embrace his truth at his own pace, and come out of the closet to those around him. Aaron can’t comprehend why Jordan is ignoring his many messages. Jordan’s macho BFF Malcolm (Clay von Carlowitz) is cool and enthusiastic about him being gay (maybe a little too cool?), and Aaron’s bestie Cassie (Noelle Miller) wants to help cheer him up after Jordan ghosts him. The best option for both parties? Head to a local gay bar, and meet there completely by chance!

From here, the two become inseparable, and their entire relationship is a bumpy, entertaining ride. They have a real connection, making each moment between them into something tangible. Jordan is experiencing being gay for the first time, and their contrasting maturity levels are constantly in a state of flux. Should they have a threesome together? What is off limits for anniversary gifts? What happens when you forget to bring a condom to a remote cabin? However, there is no shortage of cute moments. Jordan plays footsie with Aaron; they bond over photography books; and Aaron reveals a funny secret: he likes to think about how he would murder people after he meets them. 

I found the journey of following these two characters more satisfying than the ending itself; however, this is one truly emotional, timely, and fun look at gay dating in the modern age. Zamora’s script is sharp with witty humor and personality; emphasis on characters, even the minor ones, provides insight and motivation for their actions. Here Comes Your Man is another great LGBT entry in the TLA Releasing catalogue, and I look forward to seeing what they (and this talented cast and crew!) come up with next…

Here Comes Your Man comes to DVD and on demand on July 27th.

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