NewFest 2023: All of Us Strangers

★★★★★ Over the last decade in particular, the evolution of queer dramas has been monumental to behold. With an over abundance of important stories finally being told, it becomes increasingly commonplace for the truly great ones to somehow slip through the cracks. This year alone, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and … Continue reading NewFest 2023: All of Us Strangers

NewFest 2023: Fellow Travelers

As a rabid consumer of queer content, one would reasonably assume that AIDS-related materials have been fully exhausted by this point. What more could another entry in the depressing (but fiercely important) time period have to say? Are we not past the type of tearjerking movies and shows that use gay folks as cannon fodder … Continue reading NewFest 2023: Fellow Travelers

NewFest 2023: National Anthem

★★★★★ A pure coming-of-age queer delight, National Anthem cements Charlie Plummer as a fiercely talented indie darling. Co-writer/director Luke Gilford brings a unique visual style to an intimate story: a veritable showcase of gorgeous cinematography, and breathtaking New Mexico scenery. This is a decidedly different take on the American dream. Sometimes, finding one’s tribe could … Continue reading NewFest 2023: National Anthem

Film Review: Red, White & Royal Blue

★★★★★ The cutest movie of the year has officially arrived! Highly anticipated gay rom-com Red, White & Royal Blue, based upon the bestselling book from Casey McQuiston, happens to also mark the filmmaking debut of Broadway’s The Inheritance wunderkind Matthew Lopez. Two undeniably attractive leads in Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar Perez supercharge the duo’s … Continue reading Film Review: Red, White & Royal Blue

Tribeca 2023: Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed

★★★★★ A searing, devastating, all-inclusive peak behind the curtain of closeted Hollywood matinee idol Rock Hudson, Tribeca doc Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed tells a timely story while exploring every angle of the actor’s hidden lifestyle. I have never seen a single Rock Hudson film, yet I felt compelled to review this documentary based … Continue reading Tribeca 2023: Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed