2023’s Tribeca Film Festival is upon us, and Josh and Allison are here again to highlight a few movies that may slide under one’s radar. Read on after the jump for the lowdown on these special films, and get hyped for another stellar year of Tribeca!

The Blackening 

(Written by Allison Brown) Making a stop at Tribeca before it reaches theaters later this month, The Blackening is a self-aware slasher taking notes from the horror greats that came before. The perfect recipe? Hints of Saw’s gaming angle, Scary Movie’s laugh-out-loud spoofs, a serial killer behind a mask taking notes from Friday the 13th baddie Jason, and timely jokes pulled from pop culture. Want to play a game? Open the door to the game room and unleash this Juneteenth-themed genre delight!


(Written by Allison Brown) A pleasant surprise in the form of a comedic and western crime thriller comes with Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr.’s Cinnamon. Combine a cowboy crime family plotting their revenge with a Euphora-esque love story, throw in a campy zoot suit wearing scam artist for good measure, and one will arrive at this wild ride. Hustle culture is at the forefront, and characters are willing to resort to any means necessary. Be sure to catch a screening to see it in theaters before it streams on Tubi June 23rd.


Who better to tackle a layered movie about divorce and parenting than writer/director Bill Oliver? His previous feature, Ansel Elgort sci-fi oddity Jonathan, was an effective and surprisingly emotional treat. Our Son weaves the complexities of a standard heterosexual drama into a beautiful story depicting the ins and outs of a modern queer family, all while collecting a cast of LGBT+ favorites. Catch this one if you are in the mood for a small-scale yet heartwarming movie, and don’t miss stellar turns from both Bill Porter and Luke Evans.


A searing, devastating, and all-inclusive peak behind the curtain of closeted Hollywood matinee idol Rock Hudson, Tribeca doc Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed, tells an effective story while exploring every angle of the actor’s hidden lifestyle. Images of Hudson are plastered over every frame, further serving to embody the spirit and charisma of the late actor. Director Stephen Kijak (Shoplifters of the WorldBackstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of) sheds light on one of the signature players in Hollywood when it came to the AIDS crisis. Vibrantly brought to life through clips from throughout Hudson’s storied career by editor Claire Didier, this timely documentary will break one’s heart. 


Bad luck comes in threes, but when it comes to Suitable Flesh, the first time’s the charm! Come explore the zany excess of this slimy erotic horror flick from the minds of Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, Mayhem) and screenwriter Dennis Paoli (Re-Animator, The Dentist)! Heather Graham plays Dr. Elizabeth Derby, who has a seemingly perfect life. So how exactly did she end up in a psych ward? Liz spills her version of the truth to her doctor (an excellent Barbara Crampton, Jakob’s Wife, Re-Animator), with the key being her wildly erratic patient, Asa (Judah Lewis, The Babysitter, Summer of 84). Liz then takes the audience on an unpredictable journey filled with bone-cracking orgasms, blurred gender lines, billowing clouds of smoke, and disturbing body horror. An epically entertaining throwback to sleazy 80s greats, Suitable Flesh cannot be missed.

Take Care of Maya

(Written by Allison Brown) Get ready to be emotionally wrecked after learning the distressing ordeal that faces young Maya Kowalski in Take Care of Maya. Beata and Jack suffered enough in managing their daughter’s mysterious and severe illness: complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Who would ever expect a well-intentioned visit to the emergency room with caretakers who are supposed to be of help to lead to temporarily losing custody of Maya and separating their family? Watch Beata Kowalski’s painstakingly detailed audio and written documentation of the corrupt CPS intuition when this real-life horror story premieres at Tribeca and later drops on Netflix on June 19th.

To buy tickets for the screenings at Tribeca, please head over to each film’s page. For full information on the festival and even more titles, head over to the website to read more!

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