Tribeca 2023: Maggie Moore(s)

★★★★ With a cast that includes Tina Fey and Jon Hamm, hopes were high for interesting title Maggie Moore(s) to hit the mark. Mad Men’s John Slattery takes on directing duties in a script from Paul Bernbaum (Halloweentown, Rent-a-Kid)—neither are strangers to crafting quirky characters or balancing darker tones. Sometimes a cozy darkly comedic crime-drama … Continue reading Tribeca 2023: Maggie Moore(s)

Tribeca 2023: Elemental

★★★★ Any new Pixar film is cause for celebration. While many modern animation studios have tried to keep up with the consistently excellent quality of the Disney/Pixar collaborative brand, few have resulted in their staggering frequency of masterpieces. Coming on the heels of Turning Red and Lightyear, Elemental reminded me most of Inside Out—definitely a … Continue reading Tribeca 2023: Elemental

Tribeca 2023: Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed

★★★★★ A searing, devastating, all-inclusive peak behind the curtain of closeted Hollywood matinee idol Rock Hudson, Tribeca doc Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed tells a timely story while exploring every angle of the actor’s hidden lifestyle. I have never seen a single Rock Hudson film, yet I felt compelled to review this documentary based … Continue reading Tribeca 2023: Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed

Tribeca 2023: Our Son

★★★ LBGT+ filmmaking always catches my eye when checking out the exciting slate for upcoming film festivals. Who better to tackle a layered movie about divorce and parenting than writer/director Bill Oliver—his previous feature, Ansel Elgort sci-fi oddity Jonathan, was an effective and surprisingly emotional treat. Our Son weaves the complexities of a standard heterosexual … Continue reading Tribeca 2023: Our Son