Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

It is not often that one stumbles upon a long-lost movie filled with A-list talent. Emerging from the depths of obscurity, slice of life drama Game 6, filmed all the way back in 2004, has finally arrived. I was shocked to learn that it first debuted at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. Billed as “a lost classic”, this conventional NYC-set indie lacks heart and soul. It mostly serves as a revolving door for numerous talent to pop in, show up for an unmemorable scene of five minutes or less, and then exit stage left.

Nicky Rogan (a manic Michael Keaton) has a new play opening on Broadway, and depending who you ask, it is either the best or worst play ever. One critic really has it out for him, played by dashing Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr., but Nicky just wants to focus on the Red Sox game… Game 6 is one day in the life of Nicky—it is a day that feels neither particularly eventful, nor more than passively engaging. 

Though Keaton is terrific and I am always game for his next role, the role of Nicky Rogan does not have enough for Keaton to chew. Game 6 is like a dialed-back version of Birdman at times, and it was wearing thin on my patience the further it dragged on. Other actors and actresses are wasted as well —Catherine O’Hara, who plays Nicky’s ex speaking with a divorce lawyer, gets a brief one-and-done meeting and then fades into the background. One actor that does a pretty great job is Robert Downey Jr. as the off-kilter critic. Described as “causing people pain” with his reviews, Downey Jr. chants in a bathtub, and I lived for every second of his performance.

The only enjoyment I found, aside from waiting for the next celebrity cameo to roll around, was to spot the New York City filming locaales and hot spots (even city staple Radio Man!). The Music Box Theater, home of the iconic Dear Evan Hansen, makes several appearances. I would say Game 6 is worth watching simply for the nostalgic blanket of New York City, and for Michael Keaton screaming “that’s my daughter” whilst flipping out at Robert Downey Jr.

Game 6 meanders across New York City when it debuts on VOD Tuesday, August 10th, from Quiver Distribution.

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