Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Bad Detectives feels like a movie you would catch on cable halfway in and potentially stick around for the chemistry between its two leads. After their grandfathers pass away unexpectedly, clashing personalities Nic O’Connell (Freya Tingley) and Ping Liu (Dralla Aierken) discover their mysterious deaths might actually be murders. They want the case reopened as a homicide, but the cops think Nic and Ping are crazy and that these are “just stages of grief you need to work through.” The duo basically hate each—competitive by nature, Nic and Ping are brought together by the mystery. 

Bumbling detectives, corrupt politicians, a creepy masked samurai, and art theft are on the chopping block, as well as light heist elements that should have been expanded further. When this Oceans Eight-type sequence happens, it is a lot of fun and easily my favorite part of the movie, along with the ending. The most disappointing aspect of Bad Detectives is that it just starts getting good when it is about to end. An extensive setup seems to scream for sequels. With a runtime of just 72 minutes, it is frustrating that we don’t get to see this granddaughterly team in action all that much. It works as disposable entertainment, but it could have been so much more. That said, I would be down for a Bad Detectives 2, if only to spend more time with Nic and Ping.

Bad Detectives investigates a dastardly plot on digital platforms June 22nd, courtesy of Mutiny Pictures.

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