Rating: 3 out of 5.

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse tries to kickstart a Tom Clancy equivalent of the MCU with a ferocious and captivating lead performance from Michael B. Jordan. It almost feels like solid roots to establish a TV series, but a little lacking in terms of feeling like a complete movie. The setup is really terrific, and its all quite fast-paced for this type of genre. The story is easily digestible—with Clancy’s conspiracy-heavy prose, I was worried we’d be bogged down in convoluted mumbo jumbo. Thankfully, the script from Taylor Sheridan and Will Staples is straightforward and to the point.

Long after his involvement in a top secret operation in Syria, John Kelly (Michael B. Jordan), on the cusp of retiring from the military, becomes the target of a mysterious entity. They begin killing off all of those involved in the operation, and John’s wife and unborn child fall victim. Now, John will stop at nothing to avenge their deaths, desperate to uncover the vast lengths of a conspiracy with little care for its collateral damage.

The narrative is quick and exciting, rarely showing cracks. The acting is great across the board. Michael B. Jordan has proved time and time again that he’s an incredible action lead—his work here may not be as physical as in Creed, but it allows him to flex a different type of action muscle than I’m used to seeing. The violence is visceral with great editing that uses the R-rating to full advantage. Though I did find the story to be a little too basic and lacking in depth, the action is strong enough to recommend this for any fan of the genre. An Avengers-like tease after the credits promises we’ll be seeing more from this world very soon… I would not be at all surprised if Amazon announced sequels (or even a TV-series pickup) if this one is successful. I would definitely be down for whatever project could sprout from this one, especially if they keep Michael B. Jordan in the lead role. 

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse comes to Amazon Prime on April 30th, 2021.

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