Rating: 4 out of 5.

Two Heads Creek is only the second film I’ve seen from label The Horror Collective after this year’s killer-jeans-on-the-loose flick Slaxx, and it establishes the brand as one prioritizing originality and dark humor. Everyone in town hates the butcher, Norman (Jordan Waller), and his polish sausage. When Norman’s mother passes away, it sets the cogs in motion to finally step away from the family business. His semi-famous sister Annabelle (Kathryn Wilder) returns for the unconventional funeral, and the two siblings come upon a shocking revelation when going through some of her belongings: they are both adopted! Their birth mother comes from a small Australian town called Two Heads Creek, so the duo heads to the outback in search of answers. The locals are weird and overly friendly, but nothing can prepare Norman and Annabelle for the quiet town’s sinister underbelly…

Two Heads Creek is horror comedy at its finest—lines like “you’re a Polish prick with a baby’s dick” and “nevermind the smell, it’s just koala piss” sizzle with scorching humor. A hilarious scene where a character gets bonked in the head mid-sentence actually made me laugh out loud. Jordan Waller and Kathryn Wilder make for fantastic onscreen siblings, serving as conduits for some of the wilder sequences. One of the girls in town is Annabelle’s “biggest fan,” so she signs a box of Stoolaway for her—she quickly rips it up and presents a fresh one. Her mother explains that she is just very particular about the spelling of her name. It’s a funny moment that perfectly punctuates the peculiarity of the townsfolk.

Two Heads Creek is filled to the brim with situational humor and hijinks, complete with a ‘the whole town is crazy’ vibe reminiscent of 2001 Maniacs and Hot Fuzz. It leans heavily into full-tilt massacre madness in the final act and pays off the mysteries of the middle section in explosive ways. Gory violence is over-the-top, and happily, the film never takes itself too seriously. A rousing and unexpectedly fantastic musical sequence comes at the pinnacle of the insanity; “horror movie right there on my TV, shocking me right out of my brain” is such a catchy lyric that it’s been stuck in my head all week. A friendly reminder of the song’s effectiveness sees the tune wisely reused and expanded over the end credits. Don’t overlook this brilliant comedy—Two Heads Creek is available now to rent or buy on VOD.

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