Rating: 1 out of 5.

When a film’s opening forces you to read a giant blurb of text right off the bat just to set up its world, it’s already setting off red flags. Wetware, which is based on a book (no surprise there) is stuffed to the brim with a needlessly complicated and convoluted narrative. Wooden performances can’t save a script overflowing with detail to the point of exhaustion. Mungoes, a form of modified humans, lack free will and true emotion—or so it seems. The lead engineer Briggs (Cameron Scoggins) has big plans for these faux humans, and he secretly implants them with memories. The capability to love is another unexpected side effect… 

The narrative is borderline incomprehensible. I found myself drifting away as the story repeats itself in an excruciatingly boring way. Plot progression is almost entirely absent, as we meander from one twist to the next. There’s no time to even digest the previous confusing shifts of the plot! The characters are just as hollow as the the rest of it. The Jack character (Bret Lada) is a delicious piece of eye candy, making the action slightly more palatable. An inconsistent tone dulls down Wetware into a complete slog. Wetware is currently streaming free on Tubi.

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