Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I’m not entirely sure of the target audience for Giorgio Serafini’s new dramedy Senior Moment. I’d have to guess that if movies like Wild Hogs or The Bucket List rank among your favorites, you’ll love this film. In a way, it’s refreshing to see older men in leading roles. William Shatner and Christopher Lloyd both have storied careers, and Senior Moment gives them a chance to spread their comedic wings.

After crashing his beloved vintage Porsche, Victor (William Shatner) wages war on the DMV, with his partner in crime, Sal (Christopher Lloyd). Victor’s budding romance with Caroline (Jean Smart) is put to the ultimate test, leading to a series of mishaps, misunderstandings and car repossessions. 

I think Senior Moment could have worked better if it embraced the nursing home/old folks angle in a more clever, meta way. It was hilarious to watch Victor as he soaps up his car like “a dirty girl,” tries to handle public transportation, save turtles and repeatedly fail his driver’s test. Shatner is game for the ridiculous antics of the script, with Lloyd an entertaining (but underused) foil to his scheming.

This needed something more, though—it feels like a script written in another time, out of touch with modernity. It doesn’t comment on our changing world, instead relying on tried and true narrative tropes. This is a cute film, but it’s one I will forget in not even a week’s time. Senior Moment will arrive in a streaming landscape overflowing with content. It’s a little harder to recommend something so simple and saccharine with a plethora of other options on the table. Senior Moment comes to theaters and on demand on Friday, March 26th.

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