Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Dealing with the topic of suicide must be handled with a delicate hand, and I just don’t think To Whom It May Concern manages this balancing act. It tackles the topic in a way that doesn’t feel earned. I did love some of the emotional beats it manages to hit in the latter half. In director Manu Boyer’s new drama film, emotionally damaged Anna (Dawn Olivieri) is on a dangerous downward track. She fluctuates from dangerous hookup to dangerous hookup, as a way to cope with her depressive state. When she takes in homeless Sam (Wilmer Valderrama) after Anna’s neighbor kicks him to the curb, the two share an instant emotional connection. The delicate balance of Anna’s mental state hinges on this budding new relationship.

To Whom It May Concern never manages to elevate itself beyond your average indie drama. The touches of romance are the one bright spot in an otherwise dull narrative. Scenes shared by Dawn Olivieri and Wilmer Valderrama show off obvious chemistry, begging for potential never fully realized. Despite some questionable dialogue (in one scene, Sam tells Anna “that’s not the first time I’ve folded women’s foldables”), both actors do their best, and their connection keeps the film interesting. I love the message behind it all. I can feel a meaningful, emotional story bubbling just below the surface, trying to break free. To Whom It May Concern hits on demand and digital March 26th, from Global Digital Releasing.

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