Rating: 4 out of 5.

Major Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow vibes with this one! Our Ichabod Crane stand-in (Boyd Holbrook as a hot pathologist investigating the disappearance of a young boy and the subsequent murders) needed a tad more screentime, but I really loved his character. The visuals are often horrifying and had my heart racing, particularly anything with that scarecrow and the wolf/creature itself is fun and vicious. A very effective use of some really great wide shots highlight some of the more chilling moments, like the setup with the carnage of the gypsies towards the beginning. There’s a gnarly underwater transformation, a mean and relentless streak with the kills, fantastic gore effects, some CGI that can be iffy at times, and even a “wolf” autopsy! I had such a great time with this one! The Cursed, formerly Eight for Silver, is another fantastic (but decidedly different) entry from this year’s Sundance lineup and is a genuinely great horror film.

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