Film Review: Voyagers

★★★★ Voyagers is exciting and well-constructed sci-fi, fueled by testosterone, hive mind, and toxic masculinity. Both lead male performances from Ready Player One’s Tye Sheridan and Dunkirk’s Fionn Whitehead exemplify two young actors at the top of their game. Their polar opposite characters make for a great yin/yang balance to Voyagers. Lily Rose-Depp may first … Continue reading Film Review: Voyagers

Cinequest 2021: Between Waves

★★★ Between Waves starts with our two leads, played by Fiona Graham and Luke Robinson, bathing together. Within seconds, Fiona’s Jamie is in the tub alone, with the lone remnant of Luke’s Isaac being a missing persons poster floating in the water. This heavy moment, established straight away, begins pumping the unconventional sci-fi film with … Continue reading Cinequest 2021: Between Waves

Film Review: A Hard Problem

★★★★★ A Hard Problem is a surprisingly heavy sci-fi film dealing with grief, loss, and philosophical questions about artificial intelligence. Led by a strong performance from charismatic John Berchtold, the writer/director duo hazart weave striking visuals through a grounded, near-future narrative. The script is cerebral and thought-provoking; there’s a sadness to it that aches with … Continue reading Film Review: A Hard Problem