Film Review: Rock, Paper and Scissors

★★ Rock, Paper and Scissors (Spanish title: Piedra, papel y tijera) is a strange, surreal, and languidly-paced drama that very loosely wears the moniker of horror on its sleeve. This bizarre import finds the most success when it punctuates moments with equally jarring visual technique. Directors Martin Blousson and Macarena Garcia Lenzi have fun with … Continue reading Film Review: Rock, Paper and Scissors

Film Review: Till Death

★★★★ Megan Fox doing any movie that’s horror or thriller adjacent is always minor cause for celebration, especially since Jennifer’s Body remains my favorite film of her career. Till Death places Megan firmly in the strong heroine category, as her character, Emma, must fight for survival amongst a rather sticky situation.  After exchanging anniversary gifts … Continue reading Film Review: Till Death