Popcorn Frights 2023: That’s a Wrap

★★★★ In the style of the classic cheesy slashers of yesteryear, Marcel Walz’s instantly iconic That’s A Wrap brings gory mayhem and campy fun to a film wrap party environ. Old school horror aesthetic, propulsive synthy soundtrack, intimidating, androgynous masked killer donned in a flowy blonde wig, a chopping block of various character archetypes, and … Continue reading Popcorn Frights 2023: That’s a Wrap

Popcorn Frights 2023: Don’t Look Away

★★★★ From the opening scene of Popcorn Frights selection Don’t Look Away, a mounting sense of creeping dread seeps into the film’s DNA. Being relentlessly pursued by either the unknown or the strange and unusual have been a tale as old as time in the horror genre—co-writer/director Michael Bafaro continues this tradition, albeit with a … Continue reading Popcorn Frights 2023: Don’t Look Away

Popcorn Frights 2023: Santastein

★★★ Don’t forget to leave out the milk and cookies for Santastein this Christmas season! The latest in a long line of Christmastime slashers, this movie should give exactly what that zany title promises. Most recently, director Joe Bezos delivered a crowd-pleasing Santa gorefest in the form of Christmas Bloody Christmas. While Santastein doesn’t quite … Continue reading Popcorn Frights 2023: Santastein

Film Review: The Passenger

★★★★ Queer director Carter Smith’s latest, The Passenger, is a colorful, gorgeously-filmed horror/thriller that also happens to be an intimate character study. Scream kings Kyle Gallner (2022’s Scream, Smile) and Johnny Berchtold (Snow Falls, A Hard Problem) headline this disturbing story depicting an intense rampage across a dying small town. Lou scribe Jack Stanley layers … Continue reading Film Review: The Passenger

Film Review: Sympathy for the Devil

★★★★ Nicolas Cage somehow delivers one of his most unhinged performances yet while keeping it grounded in the grittiness of the movie, opposite an electric Joel Kinnaman, in Yuval Adler’s demented road trip horror/thriller, Sympathy for the Devil. This twisted little treat should give genre fans everything they want and more from one of cinema’s … Continue reading Film Review: Sympathy for the Devil