Brooklyn Horror 2022: V/H/S/99

★★★★ An actually good full-length anthology film is a rarity, let alone one that defies all expectations to become a long-running franchise. Ever the outlier, V/H/S delivers another stellar entry with V/H/S/99. Y2K mania and consistent genre filmmaking come to a beautiful meeting, raining the audience in buckets of blood and spooky delights. The great … Continue reading Brooklyn Horror 2022: V/H/S/99

Film Review: Piggy

★★★★ Bullying soars to dizzying heights in Spanish horror/thriller, Piggy. After debuting earlier in the year at Sundance, it was quickly swooped up by Magnolia Pictures for theatrical distribution—it is not hard to see why. Channeling the best elements of the coming-of-age genre, Piggy presents an unconventional revenge/slasher splatter flick with heart. The fact that … Continue reading Film Review: Piggy

Fantastic Fest 2022: Terrifier 2

★★★★★ At long last, new horror icon Art the Clown makes his triumphant return to the big screen! Terrifier 2, from writer/director Damien Leone, is one of the best cinematic bloodbaths in years. Evoking Halloween Kills, The Devil’s Rejects, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, the nightmarish delights of this high-concept indie slasher title easily … Continue reading Fantastic Fest 2022: Terrifier 2

Fantastic Fest 2022: The Offering

★★★ The Offering promises an alternative brand of horror drenched in Jewish folklore and demonology, and thankfully, that is exactly what it delivers. Forget about the occasionally stilted acting and the sometimes-iffy CGI—let yourself get wrapped up in the eerie, mysterious vibes. Movies like The Vigil and The Possession would be proud to count The … Continue reading Fantastic Fest 2022: The Offering

Fantastic Fest 2022: Mal de Ojo

★★★★ An eerie gothic Spanish treat, Mal de Ojo completely took me by surprise. Dripping in style and dark fairy tale energy, the film follows the nightmarish story of thirteen-year-old Nala (Paola Miguel). Feeling especially neglected in the wake of her younger sister Luna’s crippling health conditions, Nala is an angsty teen who just wants … Continue reading Fantastic Fest 2022: Mal de Ojo