Film Review: Thunder Force

★★ Thunder Force, the fifth cinematic collaboration between Ben Falcone and his wife Melissa McCarthy, tries hard to pass for light superhero fluff. Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer is somehow roped into this crazy universe. Spencer and McCarthy shine together; however, I wish their characters had been even more polar opposite. The superhero spoof angle never digs … Continue reading Film Review: Thunder Force

Cinequest 2021: A Beautiful Curse

★★★★ With the blood of Romeo and Juliet running through its veins and a sprinkling of drama, new fantasy narrative A Beautiful Curse debuted at this year’s Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival. There’s a mysterious island where the inhabitants have completely fallen asleep. Our lead, Samuel (Mark Strepan), is a photographer who’s been sent there … Continue reading Cinequest 2021: A Beautiful Curse

Pan African Film Festival 2021: The Water Man

★★★ The satisfying hybrid of fantasy and adventure has been thrilling family audiences for decades, and The Water Man is the newest member of this exclusive circle. Younger audiences especially are sure to get the most out of the film’s whimsical style. I didn't even realize this was David Oyelowo's directorial debut, but he does … Continue reading Pan African Film Festival 2021: The Water Man

Sundance 2021: The Blazing World

★★★★ Wild, ambitious, and unique, The Blazing World is stunning in scope and directed, written, and starring the incredible Carlson Young. The indelible lead of our film, Young's character Margaret, is our anchor through the trauma, metaphors, and trippy visuals, and it's a performance full of hefty emotional weight. The supporting cast around Carlson is … Continue reading Sundance 2021: The Blazing World