TV Review: Emily in Paris – Season 2

Netflix’s debut season of Emily in Paris drew completely undeserved critical vitriol, but I was personally smitten by the breezy and playful romantic drama. There is much to be said about a comfort show, one you can turn to just for the cutesy vibes and popcorn entertainment. All things considered, I don’t forsee the second … Continue reading TV Review: Emily in Paris – Season 2

Press Conference: Don’t Look Up Cast & Director

Earlier this week, a select group of journalists submitted questions before a virtual press conference over Zoom for Netflix’s new politically-charged dark comedy, Don’t Look Up. The impressive panel included Director Adam McKay, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Tyler Perry, and Kid Cudi. To our delight, moderator (and astronomer!) Amy Mainzer chose … Continue reading Press Conference: Don’t Look Up Cast & Director

Interview: Actress Hayley Orrantia

Last month, Allison got together with actress Hayley Orrantia to talk her storied years of work on The Goldbergs, her career trajectory, 80s pop culture, and potential musical collaborations! Read on for our exclusive, spoiler-filled interview with Hayley Orrantia! I’m Allison with Josh at the Movies. Thank you for taking the time to sit down … Continue reading Interview: Actress Hayley Orrantia

Film Review: Single All the Way

★★★ Single All the Way is living proof that gays deserve cheesy holiday fluff just like the straights! In a story that feels like it could be a gender-flipped vehicle for Julia Roberts circa the 90s, two longtime queer BFFs discover there may indeed be something more to their extensive relationship history. Fan-favorite character actor … Continue reading Film Review: Single All the Way