America’s favorite extra-raunchy animated series is back with a vengeance in season six of Big Mouth! I, for one, consider this to be Netflix’s second-best animated outing, after the masterful Bojack Horseman. Unlike that show, Big Mouth does not give an iota of care to its big dramatic scenes; this series has always leaned heavily into mature-rated comedic trappings for better and for worse. Off the bat, a large chunk of the potential audience will be ostracized by the vulgarity. For me, I love that the creatives behind Big Mouth frankly just don’t give a damn. They aren’t afraid to take big tonal swings, or to play with the medium of animation at large in risky one-offs. Few adult animated series take the type of creative chances that Big Mouth pulls off effortlessly.

In the splashy premiere episode, entitled “The Hookup House,” everyone flocks to the latest make-out spot—in this case, it is Nick’s attic, the fantasy of one’s dreams! We are introduced to the new status quo that will play out over the course of season six. Maury is now deeply pregnant after the events in spin-off show, Human Resources; Andrew is long-distance dating the equally weird and socially awkward Bernie; Jay and Matthew are making a go of their relationship in the only way they know how; Missy is crushing on “little Mel Gibson,” a cute black boy named Elijah who may or may not actually be asexual; Lola has grown out her bangs and is going through an identity crisis in the wake of Jay picking Matthew over her last season; Nick has fantasies of everyone wanting his “small strong body,” and must embrace family issues; and finally, Jessi is getting to know her father’s new girlfriend Caitlin better as she is deep in pregnancy. We get a glimpse at their various mindsets in big splashy musical numbers throughout the season, and the premiere gifts us with “I’m So Horny.”

As per usual, Big Mouth is not afraid to embrace the outlandish and ridiculous. In “The Hookup House,” Andrew dresses in a Pretty Woman costume before falling down a flight of stairs and farting. Nick’s father and grandfather have a secret nipple-twisting history and compete competitively. Hormone monster breasts are said to produce Mountain Dew. Missy imagines an intricate spoof of Bridgerton, complete with “Lady Pussysqueak.” Lola gets almost an entire episode to herself wherein her obsession with Hot Pockets culminates in a relatable tongue-burning moment of hilariousness. A gender-neutral duet about flourishing the “you that’s in your heart” adds a new perspective about gender conformity. One of the best episodes this season is narrated entirely by a new Shame Wizard, Rita St. Swithens, whose insights about infections, vaginal shapes and sizes, pubic hair, and “cramps that make it feel like your anus is gonna explode” are instantly legendary. There is truly nothing else like this show on television.

New guest stars for this sixth go-round include several big names like Adam Levine, Ed Helms, Steve-O, Tyler the Creator, Annaleigh Ashford, and many more. Perhaps the greatest turns come from returning guest Nathan Fillion as himself, and Jeff Goldblum as the new “Apple Brooch” that everyone wants. Goldblum’s seductive voice as the technology adds a whole new hilarious angle that breaks out into dramatics, in typical Big Mouth fashion. The story arcs from our core characters are especially effective—for me, the best ones this season are Jay’s complex coming out and attempts to juggle his muchness against Matthew’s more reserved nature, Jessi’s familial affairs, and surprisingly, Andrew trying to get his mother and father back to normal. The parents get more to do this season than ever before, and it works wonders when balanced against the horniness of their kids.

As is customary for each season of Big Mouth, the season’s final episode is the best one yet. A dash of body swap brilliance changes perspectives for everyone involved in a major way, opening up the world even further. Writing continues to impress, finding a way to somehow stitch together various threads seamlessly. Deep into the long stretch of spooky season, sometimes one is simply in need of a good laugh and solid entertainment. Big Mouth season six acts as further proof that Netflix’s animated gem has plenty left to say about puberty, adolescence, sex, gender identity, and romance. Whoever wrote the line “ain’t no bubble bath like a baby bubble bath, baby” is in serious need of an Emmy.

Season 6 of Big Mouth welcomes viewers back to the world of its horny teens when it debuts exclusively to Netflix on Friday, October 28th.

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