Rating: 3 out of 5.

I can barely keep up with the flood of new releases from Netflix, and unfortunately I have no doubt that Me Time will get lost among the mix. Still, I cannot deny that I had an absolute blast watching it. I laughed out loud several times—as with the best comedies, Me Time would probably be best enjoyed while under the influence, accompanied by some close friends ready to have a good time. Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart surprisingly have pretty good chemistry together. Once their long-awaited reunion happens, Me Time hits a lovable sweet spot. 

Sonny (Hart, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, The Wedding Ringer) is a stay-at-home dad and PTA president, dedicating basically his entire life to his children. With the talent show coming up, he puts great pressure on his son, Dashiell (Che Safari, 8-Bit Christmas), to play piano, and live up to the standards Sonny expects. Meanwhile, Sonny’s wife, Maya (Regina Hall, Scary Movie, Girls Trip), works tirelessly as an architect helping filthy rich entrepreneur Armando (Luis Gerardo Mendez, The Resort, Murder Mystery) build a tortoise sanctuary. Maya wants to take a trip with just the kids, leaving Sonny alone and unsupervised for the first time in years!

Sonny, initially resistant to the idea, is convinced by his “parent friend,” Alan (Andrew Santino, The Disaster Artist, FX’s Dave), to submit himself to some “me time.” Whether that involves jerking off in whatever room in the house he prefers and queuing up some vintage porn or binge-eating BBQ before barfing it all up, Sonny quickly discovers that being alone simply is not all it’s cracked up to be. Sonny finally gives in to his former best friend, Mack (Wahlberg), who he has not seen in three years. Celebrating “the big 44,” Mack’s charismatic personality is not unlike several other roles Mark Wahlberg has played in the past. 

With Maya and the kids away on the San Juan Islands, Sonny boards a party bus to “Huckchella”—it’s time to spend five days in the middle of nowhere and, in Huck’s words, they must “go primal.” The hijinks of this section of the film are quite funny in a ridiculous kind of way, reveling in the stupidity of moments like Sonny facing off with a mountain lion, or accidentally running over a turtle. Forced to team up with an Uber driver, Sonny and Mack also reinforce and rebuild their friendship from the ground up throughout the course of their trip.

Regina Hall is sadly relegated to the side-character wife who gets a bit too comfortable around Armando, and makes Sonny ridiculously jealous to the point he must act out. This woman deserves to play the wise-cracking female lead again! Kevin Hart is comfortable in these type of roles that bolster his familiar persona, but thankfully never to a grating level. I often find Hart more palatable in small doses; thanks to being balanced out by Wahlberg’s Mack, that is never the case here. Written and directed by John Hamburg (Why Him?, I Love You, Man), Me Time ends up being silly fun, featuring a surprisingly great team-up between Hart and Wahlberg.

Me Time takes the weekend off when it debuts exclusively to Netflix on Friday, August 26th. 

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