Fan of the Trolls movies? Boy, have I got a treat for you… the series, which birthed one of the catchiest songs of the last decade, “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” comes back with a vengeance! An adorable holiday special the whole family can enjoy, Trolls Holiday in Harmony is brimming with the trademark humor and musical charms of the theatrical films. Writer/directors Sean Charmatz and Tim Heitz bring four brand-new songs to wrap you in a warm blanket as the season officially kicks off!

The time has come for the first annual Trolls Kingdom Secret Holiday Gift Swap! Queen Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and boyfriend Branch (Justin Timberlake) draw each other’s names, causing them both to devolve into a wild tailspin to out-gift one another. Tiny Diamond (Kenan Thompson) meanwhile draws his father’s name. When he cannot concoct a word that rhymes with ‘diamond,’ Tiny must embark upon a seemingly endless quest for help to complete an epic rap for his dad. All of those involved in the swap are about to learn an important lesson about the true meaning of the holidays; gifting from the heart has never been so sweet.

What is the equation for the perfect gift? This is a running theme of Trolls Holiday in Harmony that will be especially meaningful for children. Through Poppy and Branch, the audience is given a window into these characters and their immense love. Tiny’s quest on the other hand is purely hilarious and random. Tiny goes from one questionable destination to the next with ease. My favorite of his travels was Tiny’s encounter with the cloud monks. The filmmakers use splashes of 2D animation and several other surprises to help maintain the manic tone. Closing out with an energetic musical number titled “Together Now,” Trolls Holiday in Harmony remains a great choice for a short and sweet special with a perfect taste of the Trolls universe.

Trolls Holiday in Harmony airs Friday, November 26th at 9pm on NBC. It will be available to own on Digital and DVD on Tuesday, November 30th.

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