Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Together Together puts charming chemistry between leads Matt (Ed Helms) and Anna (Patti Harrison) on full display. The Sundance 2021 film, picked up by Bleecker Street for North American distribution, tells the story of two strangers brought together for one specific purpose: to make a baby! Matt, alone in his 40s “in a chapter of his life that feels like it should be closed”, seeks out Anna to be his surrogate. Anna, who has previously given away a child, thinks this time will be easier since she’s growing the baby inside her with intentions already clearly laid out. 

Neither Anna nor Matt plans for the beautiful budding of their platonic relationship. It was never meant to progress from cordial surrogate to deep friendship—like one of the characters says, just because the duo isn’t “together together” doesn’t mean a bond has not been forged between them. The film is full of cute and awkward moments where Matt makes assumptions about the pregnancy and has to be put in check. One of my favorite lines was “there was a random penis really close to my baby,” complete with terrific line delivery from Ed Helms. 

As great as he is, Patti Harrison, who I only knew from A Simple Favor and her work in the Big Mouth writer’s room, is incredible. Anna’s arc is the most defined. When Anna sees Matt’s excitement for the impending baby, she is forced to relive complicated memories of her own experiences. The movie’s one misstep is that Anna doesn’t get enough closure from the film’s conclusion. Get your tampon tutorial when Together Together releases in theaters on April 23rd, and on VOD May 11th.

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