Our Favorite Films of 2022

We can hardly believe that we are in the final days of 2022, and yet here we are again! We reveal our choices for our favorite movies of year, along with more yearbook-style superlatives! Hold onto your heads as we dive into the year's finest cinematic delights! Movie Yearbook Superlatives! Best horror movie JOSH: C'mon … Continue reading Our Favorite Films of 2022

Sundance 2022 Wrap-Up

2022's all-virtual Sundance Film Festival brought together a variety of films, with the festival's usual eye for exciting new voices on full display. It seemed this year that nearly every selection featured at least one big-name actor in the majority of the projects. Below is our full coverage for the Sundance festival, and links to … Continue reading Sundance 2022 Wrap-Up

Sundance 2022: Fresh

★★★★★ Cannibalism, Sebastian Stan, and… dance breaks? Welcome to Sundance’s Fresh, the debut feature film from director Mimi Cave and screenwriter Lauryn Kahn. Part thrilling horror, part dark comedy, Fresh exists in a special space. Commentary on the state of modern dating is cleverly executed, while projecting its own unique sensibilities on the viewer. For … Continue reading Sundance 2022: Fresh

Film Review: Monday

★★★★ Monday isn’t some phony romantic crowd-pleaser that’ll have everyone making heart eyes the second it releases. The drama from writer/director Argyis Papadimitropoulos weaves together two stunning performances into a kaleidoscope of self-destructive behavior, love, and passion. Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Greece, Monday is an honest snapshot of navigating relationships. Examining the messiness of the central … Continue reading Film Review: Monday