SIFF 2021 Festival Wrap-Up

This year, the Seattle International Film Festival went virtual! From April 8th - April 18th, I checked out 17 total films, and 3 short films. It was a pretty fascinating selection of unique (and often challenging) films. Anything not afforded full coverage is included here, as well as a personal top 5 favorites from the … Continue reading SIFF 2021 Festival Wrap-Up

SIFF 2021: Summer of 85

★★★★★ Passionate, emotional, and heartbreaking, Summer of 85 is one of the best gay romance dramas I’ve seen since Call Me By Your Name. Based on Aidan Chambers’ British novel, Dance on My Grave, director and screenwriter François Ozon imprints personal touches and authenticity in adapting the material. This raw snapshot of young love and … Continue reading SIFF 2021: Summer of 85

SIFF 2021: Deadly Cuts

★★★★ Deadly Cuts takes the energetic world of hairdressing competitions and injects it with signature Irish black comedy. Bringing to mind a mix of the competitive pageantry of Miss Congeniality and the female empowered salon-meets-crime angle of TNT’s Claws, the film is hilarious, engaging, and surprising. It’s clear that writer and director Rachel Carey has … Continue reading SIFF 2021: Deadly Cuts