Sundance 2022 Wrap-Up

2022's all-virtual Sundance Film Festival brought together a variety of films, with the festival's usual eye for exciting new voices on full display. It seemed this year that nearly every selection featured at least one big-name actor in the majority of the projects. Below is our full coverage for the Sundance festival, and links to … Continue reading Sundance 2022 Wrap-Up

Sundance 2022: Master

★★★★ The second racially-charged Amazon Studios release at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, Master is potent, twisty psychological horror. Led by a terrific cast, including Regina Hall and Zoe Renee, this slick slow-burn builds up a tangible atmosphere of racism and intensity. The darkness of the film’s thematic thrust may make audience members uncomfortable. For … Continue reading Sundance 2022: Master

TV Review: Nine Perfect Strangers

Hulu’s newest dramedy binge comes in the form of the strange, but star-studded, Nine Perfect Strangers. Critics were given access to the first six episodes, which does indeed provide a taste of the bizarre wonders of Tranquilum. There are a fair share of surprises in store—Nine Perfect Strangers does however tell a far more linear … Continue reading TV Review: Nine Perfect Strangers