Theater Review: The Seagull/Woodstock, NY

Rare is the theatre experience that leaves multiple intense emotions coursing through one’s veins just as it arrives at the pinnacle of its tragicomic heights. The bizarrely named, fiercely performed The Seagull/Woodstock, NY is perhaps one of the most powerful pieces of stage art I have seen in a long time. My Broadway familiarity lies … Continue reading Theater Review: The Seagull/Woodstock, NY

TV Review: The Consultant

Tony Gasballop, creator of Apple TV’s sadistic Servant, prepares a fresh, disturbing course of suspense and dark comedy in Amazon Prime’s new series, The Consultant. An ensemble cast anchored by Academy Award-winning Austrian-German actor Christoph Waltz combine to make this a “workplace comedy” unlike any other. Similar to Servant, whatever direction one imagines The Consultant … Continue reading TV Review: The Consultant

Interview: The Consultant Cast & Creator

What a pleasure to accept a proposal from The Consultant! We interviewed Christoph Waltz, Tony Basgallop, Nat Wolff, Aimee Carrero, and Brittany O’Grady to talk the sinister influence of Patoff, character complexities, and a surprising song cover! Join us as we break down this unconventional workplace horror… In the aftermath of the shocking murder of … Continue reading Interview: The Consultant Cast & Creator

Film Review: Mainstream

★★★★★ Auteur writer/director Gia Coppola’s previous film, 2013’s Palo Alto, weaved together separate stories that formed a concise and beautiful whole. Mainstream is a different beast entirely. Far more experimental and wildly outrageous than Coppola’s previous effort, Mainstream mixes so many different genres into a jumble of insanity that clicked for me on every possible … Continue reading Film Review: Mainstream