TV Review: Chucky Season 3 – Part 1

Sorry Jack, Chucky’s back! Chucky returns for round three, albeit in a truncated, four-episode part one rather than a full course. Showrunner Don Mancini, overlord of all things Chucky, takes the series in a surprising direction. The killer doll at this point has been involved in all manner of body swaps, horrifying deaths, army camp, … Continue reading TV Review: Chucky Season 3 – Part 1

TV Review: Chucky – Season 2

The first season of Don Mancini’s magnum opus, aptly titled Chucky, stands tall as one of the best transitions from film to television that I have ever seen. Seamlessly, the show combined old with new, staying true to decades of established mythology throughout the seven mainline Chucky movies. What eventually unfolded weaved in legacy characters … Continue reading TV Review: Chucky – Season 2

Film Review: Black Friday

★★★★ Gnarly alien violence meets fast-paced zombie action in the new horror/comedy Black Friday, from producer Bruce Campbell. During an opening scene in which crazy customers bang on the window as if they are zombies, the obvious (but hilarious) commentary on capitalism is already present. Wearing Alien inspirations on its sleeve, a pulsating purple sack … Continue reading Film Review: Black Friday