Mammoth 2022: The Abandon

★★★★ Bizarre, otherworldly delights seem to be the bread and butter of many a festival. Without warning, along comes this surprisingly gripping sci-fi thriller, courtesy of the Mammoth Film Festival. Evoking indie favorite Cube and Ryan Reynolds chiller Buried, The Abandon strands its lead character in a confined setting as he races to solve the … Continue reading Mammoth 2022: The Abandon

Cinequest 2021: Between Waves

★★★ Between Waves starts with our two leads, played by Fiona Graham and Luke Robinson, bathing together. Within seconds, Fiona’s Jamie is in the tub alone, with the lone remnant of Luke’s Isaac being a missing persons poster floating in the water. This heavy moment, established straight away, begins pumping the unconventional sci-fi film with … Continue reading Cinequest 2021: Between Waves

Cinequest 2021: Welcome to the Show

★ Welcome to the Show, a new comedic drama debuting at 2021’s Cinequest Film Festival, is mismanaged from the very first frame. An immersive theatre piece, called “The Show,” catches the attention of four best friends looking to spend their last Thanksgiving together before graduating college. Things turn out very different from expected as the … Continue reading Cinequest 2021: Welcome to the Show

Cinequest 2021: A Beautiful Curse

★★★★ With the blood of Romeo and Juliet running through its veins and a sprinkling of drama, new fantasy narrative A Beautiful Curse debuted at this year’s Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival. There’s a mysterious island where the inhabitants have completely fallen asleep. Our lead, Samuel (Mark Strepan), is a photographer who’s been sent there … Continue reading Cinequest 2021: A Beautiful Curse