Film Review: Hayseed

★★★★ In the spirit of Knives Out and other modern whodunnits, indie flick Hayseed depicts an engaging treat that challenges viewers to actually pay attention. Writer/director/producer Travis Burgess embraces his obvious inspirations with a loving touch of admiration that permeates the film. The phrase “passion project” is maybe a tad bit overused, yet that perfectly … Continue reading Film Review: Hayseed

Theater Review: The Seagull/Woodstock, NY

Rare is the theatre experience that leaves multiple intense emotions coursing through one’s veins just as it arrives at the pinnacle of its tragicomic heights. The bizarrely named, fiercely performed The Seagull/Woodstock, NY is perhaps one of the most powerful pieces of stage art I have seen in a long time. My Broadway familiarity lies … Continue reading Theater Review: The Seagull/Woodstock, NY