Berlinale 2023 Wrap-Up

2023’s Berlinale compiled another excellent, deeply varied roster of films. Check out our full coverage of this year’s exciting film festival offerings after the jump! Films ALMAMULA I love a horror-tinged queer drama almost more than I can describe in words; last year's Hypochondriac perfectly epitomized this. Almamula, a French/Argentinian/Italian production, is unfortunately almost entirely … Continue reading Berlinale 2023 Wrap-Up

Berlinale 2023: Mal Viver and Viver Mal

★★★★ (Written by Sean Boelman, disappointment media) João Canijo’s Mal Viver and Viver Mal—translating to “Bad Living” and “Living Bad”—are two of the more interesting films in this year’s Berlinale lineup, as they are companion pieces. Billed as a “shot/reverse shot,” Canijo’s duology is well-made and intriguing, even if its novelty begins to wear thin … Continue reading Berlinale 2023: Mal Viver and Viver Mal

Berlinale 2023: Deep Sea

★★★★ Animation as a medium is often undersung and underestimated—all the more reason to seek out nearly every animated film that I come across. In recent years, some of my favorite animated features have emerged from the film festival circuit. Last year alone, 2D-animated marvel Titina, bizarre ultra-gory Unicorn Wars, stop motion horror fantasy Wendell … Continue reading Berlinale 2023: Deep Sea

Interview: Screenwriter/Director Jamie Sisley & Stay Awake Cast

The Berlinale Film Festival got off to a bang, as Allison and I chatted over Zoom with the amazing cast and creatives of harrowing addiction drama, Stay Awake. We talk character motivations, the subversion to not vilify addicts, favorite filming locations, upcoming projects, and more! Based on the critically-acclaimed short film of the same name, … Continue reading Interview: Screenwriter/Director Jamie Sisley & Stay Awake Cast