Our Favorite Films of 2021

As another year comes to a close, we shut the book on a year of surprising and often excellent movies. We reveal our choices for our favorite movies of year, along with some yearbook-style superlatives! Be sure to let us know which movies in 2021 connected with you! Movie Yearbook Superlatives! Best musical sequence JOSH: … Continue reading Our Favorite Films of 2021

Film Review: The Tragedy of Macbeth

★★ A24’s film The Tragedy of Macbeth may be one strictly for Shakespeare completionists. This dull and nearly impenetrable iteration of the play is stylish but vapid. Without a doubt, the visuals are beautiful, and the actors embodying each character do so with effortless ease. If one knows the basic story of this so-called tragedy, … Continue reading Film Review: The Tragedy of Macbeth

Film Review: Death of a Telemarketer

★★★ No offense to anyone in the seedy profession of telemarketing, but there is no secret here that they are among the most despised individuals. Racking up one's phone with senseless calls about imaginary car warranties, special opportunities, and exclusive offers, telemarketers are the scourge of any cell phone owner. Death of a Telemarketer posits … Continue reading Film Review: Death of a Telemarketer

Film Review: The Unforgivable

★★★ Sandra Bullock gives a nuanced breakthrough performance with her turn in Netflix’s new dramatic thriller, The Unforgivable. Filling the shoes of freshly released ex-con Ruth, Bullock’s convincing and fiercely faithful character makes for a likable lead. The trauma of Ruth’s past hides a dark secret she has been shielding for the entirety of her … Continue reading Film Review: The Unforgivable

Film Review: A House on the Bayou

★★★★ Blumhouse horror is always reason enough for excitement; throw in an eerie Louisiana-setting and that is enough to warrant a must-watch in my book. Written and directed by Alex McAulay (2020’s excellent thriller, Don’t Tell a Soul), a pared-down story makes for an intimately-choreographed little horror flick. Just weird and mysterious enough to warrant … Continue reading Film Review: A House on the Bayou