Film Review: Flashback

★★★★ Flashback, formerly titled the much more distinct The Education of Frederick Fitzell, is strange, bizarre, stunningly edited and complexly scripted. Dylan O’Brien, one of my favorite young actors, gets another starring vehicle in a role decidedly different from anything he has done before. The timeline doesn’t hold hands with the audience, but would certainly … Continue reading Film Review: Flashback

Film Review: Bad Impulse

★★★★ With Bad Impulse, director Michelle Danner unleashes a super entertaining commentary on our technology-obsessed times. It begs the question: “are we no better than animals in the jungle?” Charting a seemingly perfect family unit, this horror thriller takes a fascinating approach to the thrills by leaving everything in their unstable hands. What is making … Continue reading Film Review: Bad Impulse

Film Review: Sequin in a Blue Room

★★★★ Sequin in a Blue Room, a searing and sexually-charged Australian thriller, is a stunning feature debut from writer/director Samuel Van Grinsven. The film hones in on a particular subset of gay hookup culture, and the Sydney setting provides specificity and unique flavor to its coming-of-age explorations. Led by a stunning turn from Conor Leach … Continue reading Film Review: Sequin in a Blue Room