Film Review: My Father’s Dragon

★★★★ Based on the famous children’s book, My Father’s Dragon is the newest movie from one of my favorite unsung animation studios, Cartoon Saloon. Responsible for such magical titles as The Secret of Kells and my personal favorite, Song of the Sea, Cartoon Brew always injects their films with a vibrant heart not dissimilar to … Continue reading Film Review: My Father’s Dragon

Film Review: The Munsters

★★★★ Rob Zombie’s long-anticipated love letter to the classic 60s series The Munsters has finally arrived in all its slapstick glory! I am happy to report that devotees of old-school humor and Zombie’s filmmaking in general will have a blast with this colorful ode to the horror/comedy shows of yesteryear. Clearly, Zombie is a huge … Continue reading Film Review: The Munsters

Film Review: Spirit Halloween: The Movie

★ When Spirit Halloween: The Movie was first announced, I was practically rejoicing. A horror film based around one of the most iconic Halloween stores of all time, headlined by Christopher Lloyd, and coming our way just in time for spooky season—what could possibly go wrong? Well, I can only answer this by saying some … Continue reading Film Review: Spirit Halloween: The Movie

Fantasia 2022: Princess Dragon

★★★★ Written and directed by Jean-Jacques Denis and Anthony Roux, Princess Dragon is a magical French animated fantasy that shines in its loving attention to detail, and Ghibli-esque heart. Like the best kinds of fairy tale movies, Princess Dragon begins with an age-old “once upon a time” before charting its story of friendship and celebrating … Continue reading Fantasia 2022: Princess Dragon