TIFF 2021: You Are Not My Mother

★★★★ Weird behavior is one thing, but what course of action would you take if your mother quite literally was someone else? Perhaps the most appropriately-named movie of the year, You Are Not My Mother is an eerie Irish horror film from debut feature writer/director Kate Dolan. The flavor of horror is difficult to pinpoint—occasionally … Continue reading TIFF 2021: You Are Not My Mother

TIFF 2021: Lo Invisible

★★★ (Written by Allison Brown) Lo Invisible is a singular portrayal of how upper-class families neglect their relatives afflicted with postpartum depression. It is a rich study of the tender relationships an individual can form with “the help” while growing up under a sheltered life, and juxtaposes the duality of luxury with familial disinterest. Anahí … Continue reading TIFF 2021: Lo Invisible

TIFF 2021: Kicking Blood

★★★ Kicking Blood, my first film viewed for 2021’s Toronto International Film Festival, acts as a surprisingly great start to round off the festivities. Vampires have never been one of my favorite subgenres of horror (I tend to think they work better on the page or in television format to properly expand the mythology), but … Continue reading TIFF 2021: Kicking Blood

Interview: The Voyeurs Cast and Director Michael Mohan

Amazon Prime’s erotic thriller, The Voyeurs, stands tall as one of the best films of 2021. Allison and I sat down via Zoom for a special spoilery chat with three of the film’s central stars, as well as writer/director Michael Mohan. We talk the forgotten era of the erotic thrillers, first reactions to this twisty … Continue reading Interview: The Voyeurs Cast and Director Michael Mohan